Open letter to Shamima Begum.

So the girl wants to come back does she?

I wanna make this point very very clear before I go on mind you…this isn’t a Tommy Robinson or Katie Hopkins style rant. I don’t support them weirdos and if you get your moral standards from them then i’m questioning you…’BUT SHE SPEEKS DA TRUTH BRO’. No, she doesn’t. She speaks the ‘truth’ you want to hear. She said we should shoot refugees on boats like cockroaches and she wouldn’t be sad seeing floating bodies?? And this woman is your moral guidance? It’s OK if someone on YOUR side is saying it but let an Arab say that about British women and suddenly Mosque door handles are basked in bacon. So no, this isn’t anything to do with her or Thomas.

So back to afghan sue. From what I have read she is approaching this all wrong. She should be in floods of tears claiming victimhood and remorse. Play on the heartstrings a bit you know, it probably wouldn’t wash with the British public but fucking hell it’s better than ‘yeah I saw some poor cunts head in a bin…so what?’

You aren’t coming across as a naive young girl here Shamima.

You wanna change your attitude just a little! If one morning I open my binbag and I see some bastards head looking up at me with his tongue lolling out then in no way am I, or any sane person in the world going to be ‘unfazed’ by it. Get to fuck. At least ACT remorseful for the camera! Remember, you are auditioning for ‘Shall We Let the Terrorist Home’ on ITV2…you don’t look arsed if i’m being totally honest. I’m voting no.

Timings all off too…it’s a tad funny that your husband has been caught and now you wanna return home for your baby’s sake!? You didn’t care about them other 2 you shot out did you? You let those 2 die and no doubt used their malnourished bodies as target practice. I’m not buying it, but if you genuinely fear for the safety of your kid then stick him on a float and send him down the River Nile like Moses….if it’s meant to be then a Lebanese family will pick him up downstream and he will end up in this country the natural way (opening up a car wash on Corpa Road).

Imagine the shock mind when this Dutch guy leaves his country to go fight for ISIS & he’s promised a wife and untold riches out in Syria…he risks life and limb to get there only to be sent to a hollowed out library to live in & his new missus has the chinbone of an veteran powerlifter. Tamping. I’d cut heads off n all. Dull cunt thought he was on a sure thing and ends up married to Frank Bruno.

The nerve on this cow though…she says the best thing about living out there was her husband & that’s what she’ll miss if she comes back here 😂 I tell you what Shamz…don’t sweat it. We’ll put you in the same hole as Dutch Andy & you have all the kids you want. Eventually you’ll have enough dead ones to use their ribcages as ladders to escape. It’s your choice?

Let’s not forget she had 2 mates with her when she left but they had the decency to die out there…they saw the deal through. You on the other hand Mrs Begum are a half hearted peckerwood. Don’t give it large about going to fight for the Islamic State when you were 15 then come crawling back a few years later when it hasn’t gone to plan…Do the honourable thing and blow up a roadside market if you think you’re so hard. Finish the story!

I am also not having it that she was groomed and she is some poor victim. I was a virgin at 15 with not even a sniff of breaking a hymen but do you think I could be enticed to a warzone for some pussy? Absolutely not. I would be skeptical about getting a bus to Bettws for it at 15 never mind flying to Turkey and being bundled over the border in a roll of carpet. Fuck that. She was 15, she was one year away from being old enough to get a job & join the army…yet people think she wasn’t old enough to know going to Syria was a fucking stupid thing to do? IF, and it’s a big IF, she was that stupid then we don’t need her back. If you can’t understand at 15 the difference from right and wrong in a situation as mad as this then will you ever?

She is clearly big on her Islamic rules which can’t work over here in the West so tell Saudi Arabia they can take her. She is free to live in a binliner for all eternity over there and she wouldn’t be pressured to shave her unibrow either. My guess is like a lot of these Anti-West radical muslims she wants to preach hate for our way of life but also wants the freedom it brings her. Nah, choose one. Tits & Coca Cola or Falafel & oppresion? I know where i’m laying my hat.

If she gets let back in to this country then what message does that send to all the Jihadi fellas that are stuck out in Iraqi shanty towns drinking their own piss for survival? Just phone up ITV news and give it chief about wanting to come home?? I reckon if they want to come home they should have to do a Gladiator themed challenge. You think you are a ruthless soldier for the Islamic State? Let’s have it then. You get dropped off in the Channel Islands and have to fight 10 of the hardest British soldiers we can find…bareknuckle. If you win, you get to come home, if you lose, you get dropped back to Fallujah and have to spread the word that we are infact harder than you lot.

She thinks we should have sympathy for her too!??? The same girl that was asked if she knew about journalists having their heads cut off and she replied ‘yeah weren’t they the ones caught spying?’…she sounds full of empathy doesn’t she!? I for one do not want someone that indifferent to cold blooded murder walking the streets of this country. Her allegiance clearly doesn’t lie with this country or it’s people…she just doesn’t like living in the shed alone over in Syria that’s all it is…

You made your bed, now lie in it.

She still refers to ISIS as ‘we‘ for christ sake 😂 Someone get her a fucking PR agent pronto will you? This is disatrous! She got asked if she was worried about prison time and instead of saying ‘I didn’t do anything illegal’ she says ‘they have no evidence of me doing anything illegal’…now i’m no CSI guy but for crying out loud she is so fucking thick it winds me up. Let the cunt swim home just for her density never mind the wheelie-bin full of severed heads.

‘Islamically it’s OK so i didn’t question it’

If that reply doesn’t tell you all you need to know about this thicko then you’ll never understand she isn’t capable of living in this land.

Bon voyage Shamo. Hope to see your head in a binbag real soon!

Yours sincerely

Joe boy



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  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Shes not pregnant its a stick of dynamite up her minge!!!


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