Let’s have a chat, hear each other out is it?

I’ll go first.

There are opportunists among the protestors, OK we agree on that? The protests are overwhelmingly peaceful, but there are instances where it goes above and beyond & things get violent, sometimes the police cause it and sometimes some cunt out for a riot causes it. This is a good start ain’t it? Keep reading, I have some good stuff for you to think about.

Now that’s settled, tell me why you think football firms that smash up every town they visit on a saturday afternoon for no other reason than a drunken day out are heroes for protecting some racist statues? These cunts fight police every single week with bottles, knives & a stiff pair of Adidas Gazelles yet they are called ‘the football lads’ and protestors are called ‘Mindless thugs’. See the difference? One violent set of people are called lads, you knowwwwww the lads…they’re just having a bit of a laugh that’s all, but these ‘thugs’ out there furious over a man’s murder by the state sworn to protect him, well they don’t look like you so they’re way worse aren’t they? You want the police respected as human beings until the local derby rolls around and they’re trying to stop the ‘Chelsea Lads’ smashing up a family run cafe because the chairs are West Ham colours, then they are fair game for a kicking. These people are your heroes in all this?? Really? Honestly, if you hold football hooligans as any kind of moral compasses then you are so lost it’s unbelievable. Some of you must watch Green Street before bed every night because it’s the only way you get excited enough to cum into your missus. Danny Dyer is not Jesus and Stone Island badges aren’t your church. You hold so much disdain in your heart for black movements that you not only put them on par with men who dress up like Oasis to fight each other every weekend but you think that they’re behaviour is so much worse that we need Henry Cordy himself to protect all the Adolf Hitler statues around Germany. Have a day off will you?

The straw that broke the camel’s back for the ALL LIVES MATTER crew was a police horse being attacked in Westminster Square, now I got two objections here: first of all what the fuck are they doing using horseback cavalry in 2020? Get a 15 foot high Segway to strike fear into a crowd not a poor horse who wasn’t quick enough for the Grand National, second of all, have you seen what 5 o clock on a saturday matchday looks like? Some of them horses walking around Anfield take more shots to the nose than Michael Jackson did in the 90’s. That cunt who rode into the crowd and got a clothesline from a set of traffic lights was poetry in motion mind wasn’t it? The prick spun off that horse like he’d fallen from the SpaceX rocket. Beautiful.

‘I support the BLM protests but not like this’

Let me enlighten you, if protests stay within the ‘acceptable’ guidelines then nothing would ever get done, you know why? By default if it’s ‘acceptable’ that means the government has decided that is the level of unrest they can handle…now do you see why you have to go beyond what is ‘acceptable’??? A protest, riot or whatever you wanna call it is the outrage of a society, it’s designed to be heard, not accepted. Do you not think up until this point there weren’t any peaceful protests? Every police injustice you ever heard about was peacefully protested and nothing changed, the police officers walked free time after time, you must understand how much of a FUCK YOU to people that is? This is pent up anger, not an opportunity for a new TV.

My Facebook feed has been packed to the rafters with people demanding the COVID19 lockdown and 5G towers are the elite trying to kill us off & we need to rise up against this tyranny but as soon as the black community took the lead & did it suddenly it’s all a bit much to shout at the police & the government? How strange. It’s almost as if you’re either jealous that they can put the revolt into action while you’re still at home with your thumb up your arse sharing Rothschild memes on Twitter or you just don’t like black people being the main focus of something that isn’t a slave trade or a dead body on the news. You want a revolution to stop shape-shifting lizards sticking us in FEMA camps but you’re wound up that black people have decided a much more sensible revolution involves stopping the system oppressing them on a daily basis. Forgive me for being more sympathetic to their cause & not yours. By the way, I have seen so many (white) people posting white victims of police brutality & murder saying ‘you didn’t see us rioting about this one’…do you know what? If you didn’t feel strongly enough to protest it then shut up about the people that DO feel strongly enough to protest this one. Feel free to start a campaign for ALL police victims you’re digging up to make a point, the Black Lives Matter crew will back you up in fact. If you think ALL LIVES MATTER then get out in the street and start demanding justice for ALL LIVES…or are you just trying to shut black people and their supporters up on social media? I think it’s the second one because I never hear that term unless it’s in direct opposition to Black Lives Matter. Yes black people commit crimes, if you use that an arguement likes that’s the point here then I have to question your intelligence…from all the information out there in the past month you have deduced that is the arguement being put forward? You think this is what it’s all about? You won’t be convinced by anything. Comprehension levels are too low.

The statement ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’ agrees with the statement ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ actually, they are saying Black Lives Matter TOO…let us in that ALL LIVES club because as of right now it seems like it’s ‘ALL LIVES MATTER (but some less than others)’.

‘bUt SomE BLaCK PpL aRE RaCIsT AgaInSt wHiTes’

Just stop it. Not being allowed to say the N-Word is not racism. Behave. Shall I tell you why being called a ‘white cunt’ is different to being called a ‘black cunt’? Here goes:

Nobody was ever hung from a tree for being white, nobody is discriminated in society for being white (no matter what some people tell you, companies making sure they employ fair amounts of ethnicities so a white person occasionally missing out is not racism), nobody was deemed 3/5ths of a person IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW for being white, the N-word and/or any negative use of the word ‘black’ would’ve been the only reason for a lot of people being murdered and also the last thing most of them would’ve heard as their life slipped away in front of a racist mob. It’s not the fucking same you sensitive cunt. You say black people always have a chip on their shoulder and like to moan but fuck me are you sure? Some of the wettest pricks you’ll ever meet are Weekend Offenders crying that someone isn’t giving St George or the Queen enough respect. Don’t get me started on these tossers that pretend to care about veterans and the war heroes either…we all respect and appreciate the people that went to war for this country and they’re far braver than I will ever be but fuck me, some of these Little Englanders act like they were there themselves. Turn it in with your World War II twitter avi’s because you are closer aligned with the people our grandparents defeated than you are to the veterans. Stop using them for political gain. Us Welsh people HATE the English and nobody knows why, yet you think some black people holding a grudge towards white people because of the slave trade & segregation is all too much. Get a grip. If I ask why you hate the English you wouldn’t have a fucking clue, if I asked a ‘racist’ black person why he hates white people he’d say ‘because i’m reminded how my people were treated by them with a new Hollywood movie EVERY FUCKING YEAR’. How many do we need? And why is there always a white hero? You wanna talk about ‘programming the masses’ well what about that? All my life the only ‘black’ films were about slavery or being in the ghettos of America. It’s a reminder to ‘know your place’ if you ask me.

Look, you don’t get to tell people about their own experiences either, if you’re white and you honestly believe racism doesn’t exist because you don’t see it, is it possible that your limited view of being with a black person a few hours or minutes, or maybe not at all throughout the day could be wrong? A black person is black every second of their life and has interactions with hundreds of people every day, just because it doesn’t happen when you’re there that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all. You also don’t get to tell them what is racist & what isn’t, if they tell you they don’t wanna hear racist jokes, even if it’s banter to you then stop fucking telling them. If they use the N word themselves that doesn’t mean you can mind. Look at it like this…if I wanna make a joke about a dead relative of mine I can, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed, but you know that don’t you? It’s the same logic.

There is a huge amount of people that don’t come out with racist statements but if you look closely at their posts or opinions they are overwhelmingly negative toward what the #BLM movement is doing and suspicously positive toward whatever the other side seem to say. They post the far right nonsense highlighting the victim’s criminal records from 10 years ago, mistakes they made as a kid or the old ‘if they didn’t resist they wouldn’t have been killed’.

Do you know how mad that is? They can’t bring themselves to side with a black person so they scramble around looking for any excuse to make them feel better. On one hand they hate the police for what they do to Tommy Robinson, and will have violent clashes with the police by the way, yet on the other hand they are OK with a police officer being judge, jury & executioner with no due process. That is madness. Even if the victim (victim of a murder remember, yet here we are having to defend his name) was a drug dealing rapist…police officers do not get to execute them in the street and move on. We are one of the best societies in the world for reasons like that you know…we aren’t a lawless vigilante country, even if you dislike black people. I wonder if these same people would defend a police officer the same way if they killed a protester at a Brexit rally? Afterall, that’s largely a peaceful protest with some idiots attending but if someone resising arrest was choked to death by the police would you say the British-Bulldog-wearing-flag-shagger deserved it? No you would not.

ALL LIVES MATTER patriots love bringing up the British Empire as well, without seeing the irony. 

‘We’re a great country, remember we ruled the world? Greatness’ as they toss off into a Union Jack flag. How do you think we ruled the world? For the most part we turned up in a boat and killed the natives, or enslaved them to build our Empire, do you think that air of superiority has left us? Has it fuck. We still call certain places ‘shithole countries’ forgetting the fact we made it a shithole country, so do you think the people from those countries get treated with respect every day by people who shag in Nigel Farage masks? I highly, highly doubt it.

‘Awwwww that’s all in the past’- the silent majority.

It may very well be in the past but the legacy lives on my friends. And suddenly you want to leave the past in the past? So next time Brexit comes around you won’t mention how we’re a great nation that ruled the world back in the day? You won’t mention either World War? 9/11? All in the past, let it go you said. If you want to remember YOUR people’s past why can’t everyone else? Is it because it may make some of us feel a bit uncomfortable? So to be clear, remember everyone else’s atrocities committed against our country but nobody else can have the same leisure? That is very, very close to propaganda folks. In our stories we are always heroes & everyone else were savages &  it was necessary? You’d love North Korea. If we can wear Poppies once a year then people can remember their history just as much as we do, even if we’re the bad guys in it.

I find it bizarre how disrespected black people are yet everyone loves their culture though. If you dislike black people then a few things you should give up if you have a backbone & you’re a person of your word:

Reggae at BBQ’s

The majority of popular music at parties

The majority of popular comedians

The majority of the cool latest trends, TIKTOK, Vines, memes etc etc

Super cool cannabis culture… to name a few

And while we’re at it, stop trying to subconsciously look like them if you don’t like them as people…give them 1ml a month lips up, give back all the braids, the fake tan, sitting on the sink so you have bigger bums in photos & all that good stuff that stops you looking like Sonia Jackson from Eastenders. I’ve heard some people say black people are ugly in my time but there ain’t half a lot of us trying to emulate them fucking hell.

Now they aren’t all exclusive to black people & black culture but I can confidently say they started in the black communities & countries and dominate our social media experiences, so if you want to give that up because of racism then you’re left with Mr Brightside, Wonderwall & off beat disco dancing.

You cannot love the culture but not the people, remember that.

Now you’re turn to convince me.


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